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Oh yes, as we near the end of another busy school term our exhausted kids and teens become more stressed and more overwhelmed and a hell of a lot less calm and less content ... This in turn means that as mums and dads we often feel less calm and less content and a hell of a lot more stressed and more overwhelmed ourselves!

End-of-term-itis is what I call it and it is quite literally a pain in the neck ... for all concerned.

You see I am a mum to 3 kids & a school teacher. I teach both primary & high school students, so I am surrounded every day by a lot of kids and teens who, at this time of year, are stressed ...


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How are your kids coping as we head into the last few weeks of term?

Are they finding it a little harder to get out of bed in the mornings? Have they yet succumbed to one of the nasty Winter colds, viruses & illnesses going around Perth schools & childcare centres at the moment?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but did you know that what your kids eat for breakfast can help improve their resilience at school each day?

Here are our family's Top Tips for healthy End of Term resilience building breakfasts:


Reconnect family through slow food

With Autumn weather and cooler evenings, our family is regularly cooking our dinners now in our slow cooker (crockpot) and I am reminded not only of the pure and simple comfort that a good old fashioned slow cooked meal provides us but also that slow food is a fabulous way for my family to reconnect.

To enhance our family's health & well-being, we love to RECONNECT through SLOW FOOD ...

Every day, people in pain contact our clinic asking: "What is this 'magic' that your chiropractor, Andrew Riddle, does that makes families feel better?"

Well, apart from being a naturally intuitive health practitioner, Andrew, also uses a neuroscience healthcare method, which specialises in pain and chronic illness called NIS (Neurological Integration System by Neurolink).

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