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Spinal Assessment

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At Life Balance Chiropractic we focus on using gentle, "low force" techniques as our first approach to care. Most treatments use paediatric-based, neurological techniques, which are gentle enough for the whole family! Some treatments may use mechanical assistance, either with drop-pieces in the table our clients lay on or hand-held instruments, called activators, to use speed instead of force..

Our Techniques

Neurological methods

Chiropractor-techniques~ NIP (Neuroimpulse Protocol)


~ Neurolink/NIS


Activator methods

SOT sacro-occipital technique

Thompson Technique

The Stages of Care

Relief care

Our goal is to eliminate the majority of your discomfort, and stabilise your initial complaint & health concerns. Visits are frequent & regular, normally 2 to 3 times a week

Corrective care

Our objective is to correct any underlying spinal problems, as well as strengthen the muscles, improve spinal function & promote healing tissues. Visits are less frequent, once a week or once a fortnight

Wellness care

The majority of clients at Life Balance choose wellness care for themselves & their families. Maintaining a properly functioning spine & nervous system may catch small problems before they become serious, & allow you to be your best. People commonly choose monthly, fortnightly or even weekly to be at their best.

Free Spinal and Whole Body Assessments

If you are not sure if you will benefit from chiropractic we provide free assessments to answer your questions. We are here to help so we make it as easy as possible for you to find the right health modality for you. If your concern is not part of our field we will refer you to the health professional you need.

The assessments are available by appointment only so please contact us to book yours now.


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